Low Voltage Services

Surveillance Systems

View your cameras anywhere, anytime with an intuitive to use app or local PC/Mac access. PTZ cameras automatically follow subjects when they move past pre-determined areas. Our monitoring service will communicate to trespassers over a built-in loudspeaker and notify police 24/7 365 days a year if suspicious activity is noticed.

Distributed Audio Systems

We focus on creating audio systems that incorporate quality speakers, energy efficient amplifiers, and intuitive touch screen controls for an easy to operate system. In the event of an emergency, our MASS notification systems allows all music to be muted while a prerecorded message plays throughout your loudspeakers.

Fiber Network Infrastructure

We provide certified fiber infrastructures as the backbone to your expanding network needs. Advanced on-site heat-mapping along with diagnosing nearby RF interference is key to create a reliable network. High-powered Wireless Access Points allows users to roam freely with a seamless network connection.

Surveillance Systems

4K Ultra HD Cameras

24/7 Monitoring

20x Optical Zoom

Mobile App

Starlight Technology

IP Digital 4K UHD Systems

HD-TVI Analog HD Systems

100 db Siren

Long Range 200 Meter POE

Multiple Streams

100 Meter IR Range

SD Card Backup


Lifetime warranty with Service Agreement

Distributed Audio Systems

Distributed Audio Systems

Automated Control Systems

Digital Signage

Video Walls

MASS Notification Systems

Copper and Fiber Wiring

Fiber Optic Systems

Air-Blown Fiber Installations

Traditional Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber Splicing

Fiber Terminating

Fiber Testing

Fiber Certifying

Wi-Fi Heatmap Design

Identify nearby interference

WAP Channel Mapping

Turn-key Network Solutions

On-Site and Off-Site Surveying Available


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